Y3W – Warms My Heart

….or you could also say:   YAY, ORANGE BIRD!   Ah, the memories.   Mmm, citrus swirl.   I REMEMBER HIM!   Or maybe – TRUE DISNEY NERD. The original Orange Bird, created exclusively for the Magic Kingdom when it opened, has made a happy reappearance in Adventureland.  I seriously was super excited about this. […]

Y3W – Where Is Madison?

Last night as I was putting the Man to bed, he started whining, “I want my Madison.  Where is she?  I want to see my Madison!!” I felt so incredibly bad for him as tears started rolling down his pudgy cheeks.  He doesn’t understand that his sister spends the summer with her Dad, not with […]

Y3W – Where'd It Go?


This has been bothering the heck out of me for nearly three weeks now. The Man has (had) two specific swimsuits.  One was a Finding Nemo pair of swimtrunks with a sunscreen shirt (he was BADLY sunburned last year even with sunscreen on, so now I have him wear a special shirt anytime he goes […]

Y3W – Can't Look Away


A few weeks ago, I briefly mentioned to my husband that the Casey Anthony trial would be starting soon. He commented back about how he really just could not care less if it was – he was tired of hearing about the case. As was I. I was annoyed with the constant news articles, television […]

Y3W – The Franklin Fountain – BLOG With Love Review


When you think of the words “ice cream”, do you generally think of store bought tubs of frozen goodness?  Or do you think of little ice cream trucks ding ding ding-a-linging through your neighborhood? Or do you think of something as amazing as….THIS? Mt. Vesuvius – handmade vanilla or chocolate ice cream (thought I personally […]

Your Three Words – 04.15.11


I know, I’m late getting this up.  And I am behind on a few other posts.  This week has been stress level high at work and by the time I get home, I end up doing a million other things.  So coming up this week: TONS of posts about BLOG With Love from Philadelphia A pretty […]

Your Three Words – 04.08.11


  What happens when you have four giggly ladies and a lot of eyeliner?  Well, you get:   Happy Friday, ya’ll.   We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us – 4 playdates, and I’ve got to finish up my BLOG With Love posts!  Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  

Your Three Words – 03.25.11


  I can’t even tell you how stupid excited I am for next weekend.  Six days from today, I’ll be waking up in PHILLY.  We have so many fun events planned it’s almost hard to decide where to start!  Everyone we’ve spoken to in Philly so far has been so incredibly nice and generous to […]